Hungry Fish 3 logo
Tasty new summer game!
The water is warm, the sun is shining, and the shark's hunger is unstoppable.
Race through the ocean, take flight with your jetpack and eat!
Amazing gameplay, one button control, grow indefinitely.

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Circle Zap logo
Move clockwise around the circle, as fast as you can with your finger.
Avoid the generated obstacles, and score a point for each lap.

Race the purple time-out line, with your finger controlled zap. Don't hit any obstacles or walls.

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Epic Stack logo
Stack all the way to the top in this slick addictive skill game.
There are 5 columns flashing back-and-forth, touch the screen to stop and align each row on top of each other.
There is also a random zone that demands immediate reaction, and a widezone that can be both a nuisance or an advantage.

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Play NSFW logo
Fill in the blanks like in Cards Against Humanity, or apples to apples. Except the phrases are much, much dirtier.
With over 400 different cards and more on the way, this is THE cards against humanity inspired game to play with your friends on just one device!

Not Safe For Work, Guaranteed Hilarious.

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Dodgy Stick logo
A new amazing little time-waster! Control the spinning stick, Avoid the balls.

The ingenious yet incredibly simple mix of a counter-clockwise spinning stick and the ever increasing amount of bouncing balls makes an incredible challenge. How many balls can you survive?

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Build your own spacecraft pixel by pixel and destroy each pixel of over 430 unique invaders.

Each color has a unique ability, unlocked by attaching it to your ship, and lost if destroyed.
Additional pixel power-ups can be collected, and rearranged however you like every 5 levels.

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Boundling logo
Boundling is a pattern-puzzle game packed with exciting levels, dangerous explosion patterns and tons of fun! Circumvent the system or get splattered in this fast paced game of skill and reflexes. How long will you survive?

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Topple logo
It is slick, simple yet addictive, and requires incredible skills to master!
In this new atmospheric action puzzle, colored orbs will hit your sphere tower and make it unstable. These orbs will hit with increasing force, that only gets harder as you play longer!
Counteract these forces by tilting your device to avoid toppling. The game utilizes your device's gyroscope accurately so all you have to do is tilt it, but be careful not to do too much tilting or your tower will topple!

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Hungry Fish logo
Help the hungry fish to grow and conquer the ocean!!

Once upon a time there was a little shark, and he was so hungry! He wanted to eat aaaalll the fish in the ocean, but he was really afraid, because there are so many big scary fishies out there, he wants to grow so he can eat them all!

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4 Cars logo
Stimulate your brain in this highly addictive skill game, by going on a ride with four different cars at the same time! Just tap to make a car switch lane.
Steering around the spikes should be your top priority since the game won't end until you crash, giving you a fair chance to see how many coins you can collect along the road.

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