MazeBall screenshot
Find a way to the exit to the blue circle in 30 seconds, moving only in straight lines.
Ruder screenshot
A fun physics shooter. Shoot the color boxes and merge them with their corresponding colors.
Feed Me Moar screenshot
Following an experiment, the ordinary hamsters and other lab animals have become big and very hungry monsters. Your task now is to feed these creatures!
Splitman 2 screenshot
Can you reach the exit on every level, in this clones stacking platformer puzzle game?
Subtle Energy 2 screenshot
An atmospheric puzzle where you collect particles of energy in shakras, this sequel has level editor and improved graphics.
BioGems screenshot
Fast-paced action fighter with match-3 gameplay! Featuring awesome animations, sound effects, powerups and bosses. This is sure to be one of the most intense action puzzle experiences you'll play!
Portal screenshot
Portal ported to flash. Fun physics escape game with over 40 challenging portals thinking levels. Energy balls, cubes, turrets and even the famous crusher
SpaceBar screenshot
Can you manoeuvre? avoid different obstacles in over 60 levels of fun and frustration in this new action puzzle! How long can you survive the intricate mazes of space?
All we need is brain 2 screenshot
Another cool physics puzzler, destroy all the zombies in each level by strategically using brains to lure them to their deaths!
Let It Rain screenshot
An Original Physics Game that involves attaching Balloons to lift and drop blocks. The key to the game is allowing the water drops to float into the clouds, "letting it rain" on the flowers below!
Death to Trolls screenshot
The internet is infested by trolls, kill them all in this tricky physics puzzler
Drop It screenshot
Drop It is an unusual physics game where you use different tools to drop objects around. To earn points you should throw green items out of the screen and avoid droping red ones.
Fling a Thing screenshot
Fling a Thing is simple game where the player stretches and flings cute little characters into the air to collect bubbles. After clearing the screen they progress through levels, climb higher and interact with bizarre objects.
Subtle Energy screenshot
Your task is to collect particles of energy. Mix colors and find the right path for energy flows, in the most beautiful puzzle game you have ever seen. Embrace the power of subtle energy!
Sprocket Rocket screenshot
Help Wallace & Gromit collect cogs to fix their ship and fly to the moon! You will need big ideas and sharp design skills to constantly reinvent your rocket and overcome bstacles along the way!
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